Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting millions of people worldwide.  Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of the articular cartilage and the underlying subchondral bone that causes pain and loss of function to the affected joint. The subchondral bone is the bone directly adjacent to the cartilage that provides the blood supply and nourishment to the cartilage. 

As Osteoarthritis progresses over time, the subchondral bone sclerosis sets in and the cartilage can completely wear away leading to bone-on-bone and additional damage and pain.  Although osteoarthritis can damage any joint, the disorder most commonly affects joints in your hands, knees, hips and spine.

Osteoarthritis Treatment

There is no cure for osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis treatments usually progress from NSAIDs to viscosupplements or cortisone injections to joint replacement. A joint replacement is where the cartilage and subchondral bone are removed and replaced with plastic or metal.  It is normally reserved for patients over 60.

Another option for the treatment of mild to severe osteoarthritis for those that wish to avoid injections and replacement is OsteoWave® High-energy Shockwave Therapy, The FDA approved non-invasive treatment that can eliminate pain and increase function from osteoarthritis.  

OsteoWave® - Osteoarthritis Treatment

If you answer yes, then OsteoWave® High-energy Shockwave Therapy may be for you
  • Have you been diagnosed with osteoarthritis?
  • Is the pain reducing your quality of life?
  • Have conservative treatments with your doctor failed?
  • Would like like to avoid injections and joint replacement?
  • Are you looking for a non-invasive treatment that works?
The energy delivered to an arthritic joint by HeSWT has numerous biological effects on the bones and cartilage
  • Restores the subchondral bone responsible for nourishing the cartilage
  • Increases blood flow in the area through vascular growth
  • Immediately decreases pain with analgesic effects
  • Initiates your body’s natural healing process in the arthritic joint, including the upregulation of growth factors and other healing factors, for long-term relief
HeSWT has been studied and used extensively for over 20 years.
  • There are hundreds of studies proving the safety and efficacy of HeSWT for orthopedic injuries
  • No serious nor long-term complication has ever been observed
  • Fully FDA approved, Class 3, medical device
  • OsteoWave® is true HeSWT;  with Sonex,  you know you are getting the best
OsteoWave® non-invasive treatment completed in office.
  • 1 to 3 sessions are required depending on the severity of the OA
  • Prior to treatment, a local anesthetic is sometimes administered to numb the joint
  • You are positioned in an exam chair, ultrasound gel applied, and the HeSWT treatment head placed precisely against the joint
  • 3000 to 4000 shock waves are delivered at a specific frequency/energy level while ensuring your comfort
  • Post treatment instructions are provided and you are able to leave immediately
OsteoWave® is completely non-invasive so there is no lengthy recovery period, time off from work, nor risk of complications like invasive surgery.
  • High-impact activities need to be avoided for 30 days but no restrictions on routine activities (work, shopping, etc)
  • Braces, boots, slings, crutches, etc, are not required
  • Most patients see a significant decrease in pain in the first week and as significant increase in function the second week
  • Greatest improvement realized over first 30 days but healing continues for several months
  • Waiting 30 days is often hardest part as the joint feels good for the first time in a long time…just give it some time to heal
Shockwave Therapy is an effective non-surgical treatment for numerous injuries. Please contact us to learn more about Shockwave Therapy, the injuries we treat, if you are a candidate, and how we can help get you back to life pain free.

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Osteoarthritis FAQ's

Osteoarthritis is diagnosed by your physician after reviewing an X-Ray. Common findings include loss of joint cartilage, narrowing of joint space, and the formation of bone spurs. There are no blood tests to diagnose osteoarthritis.

The most common osteoarthritis symptom is pain in the affected joint. However, other symptoms can include loss of flexibility, swelling, bone spurs, stiffness, and a grating sensation in the joint.

Unfortunately, osteoarthritis cannot be reversed but it can be managed and there are preventative actions you can take to slow the progression. Limiting high impact activities, eating healthy and exercising regularly can help reduce the rate of osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis cannot be cured, as the degeneration of the joint cannot be reversed. However, you can reduce the acceleration by limiting high impact activities, eating healthy, and exercising regularly. If your pain from osteoarthritis cannot be controlled by conservative treatments, your options are knee replacement or non-invasive High-energy Shockwave Therapy.

Osteoarthritis most commonly occurs in weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees; but is also common in hands, lower back, neck, and feet. However, osteoarthritis can affect any joint. It does not affect other organs in your body.

Both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis cause pain, affect mobility, and are age related; but they are different diseases. Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of your joint while osteoporosis is a loss of bone mass, which causes your bones to become weak and brittle.

While osteoarthritis does not cause death directly, if left unaddressed, it can progress to a debilitating disease. If allowed to become severe, osteoarthritis can put you at risk for other illnesses and health risks.