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8 Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

You no longer have live with the pain and loss of function from orthopedic injuries or arthritis; or face the risks, recovery, and disruption of surgery or try unproven treatments.  Shockwave Therapy is a proven, safe and effective, non-invasive treatment that provides you with numerous benefits over surgery and other treatments after conservative efforts have failed. 

Yes, you have a non-invasive alternative to surgery!

High-energy Shockwave Therapy Overview

Formally called Focused (High-energy) Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, Shockwave Therapy uses short bursts of high-energy acoustic waves. The focused acoustic waves are targeted directly at your injury via a treatment head pressed against your skin.  The focused energy from the shockwaves:

  •                Breaks apart the scar tissue and caclifications that impede your healing
  •                Stimulates vascular generation bringing additional blood flow to your injury
  •                Initiates your body’s natural healing process
  •                Provides you fast pain relief, first by an analgesic effect, then through healing

Sonex Orthopedics’ OrthoWave® and OsteoWave® are Focused High-energy Shockwave Therapy treatments that are completed in office using Sonex’s FDA approved device. 

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

There are numerous medical benefits of Shockwave Therapy, but there are practical benefits as well.  You want to quickly be pain free, but you do not want to disrupt family activities and work, risk making your injury worse, or waste time and money on unproven treatments.  Keep reading for the benefits Shockwave Therapy.

1. Non-invasive

One of the most important benefits Shockwave Therapy is that it is non-invasive.  There are no incisions made in your skin nor risk of accidental incision of your nerves, tendons, or other soft tissue.  Your treatment is completed conveniently in office rather than a hospital.  You also do not have to worry about scars, the risk of infection, or the risks with general anesthesia that are associated with surgery.

2. No Downtime

After being treated with High-energy Shockwave Therapy, you may return to routine activities immediately.  You will have to avoid high-impact activities with your healing joint for 30-days, but routine family and work activities continue as normal.  Since your joint is not immobilized, it is easy for you to find alternate fitness activities to stay in shape until you have healed. 

You do not have to be told about the downtime associated with surgery and other treatments.  Boots, braces, pain, and limited mobility for weeks or months can severely disrupt your normal family and work activities.  This not only causes stress and inconvenience for you and those supporting you during the recovery period, but it also adds an additional cost that will be discussed next.    

3. Lower Cost

High-energy Shockwave Therapy costs less than half the average deductible payment for surgery.  However, you should also consider the hidden costs of surgery and other invasive treatments. What is the value of the work you will miss or the assistance you will need from others as you recover from surgery?  How about that boot, brace, or special equipment you will need to purchase or lease?  Those tangible and intangible ancillary costs of surgery add up quickly and make High-energy Shockwave Therapy an even more cost-effective option. 

4. One Convenient Treatment

Most injuries only require a single High-energy Shockwave Therapy treatment for fast, long-term results.  The exam, preparation, and treatment usually take just over an hour and you can leave immediately after the treatment is complete.  There is no pre-op, post-op, or recovery room to deal with.  High-energy Shockwave Therapy is also a good option if you need to travel for your treatment.  A single trip is all that is needed and there are no restrictions on traveling afterwards. 

5. No serious or long-term complications

In over 30-years of use and hundreds of studies, no serious or long-term complication has ever been observed with High-energy Shockwave Therapy.  Minor complications such as slight swelling, redness, and/or tingling at the treatment site are possible, but they are short term and resolve quickly.  If High-energy Shockwave Therapy happens to not work, it just does not work.  You are not risking making anything worse and you still have the option for surgery or other treatments. 

Complications with surgery and other invasive procedures are common and numerous.  You can develop infections, bleeding, nerve damage, excessive scar tissue, and even additional injuries to the joint.  In addition to the risk of the invasive procedure not working, there is the risk it may cause more pain or make things worse.  Some surgeries are necessary, but if there is a much less risky option, doesn’t it make sense to try that first?

6. FDA Approved

Sonex’s Focused High-energy Shockwave Therapy device is an FDA approved, Class III, medical device.  That means you will be treated with true Focused High-energy Shockwaves that have been proven safe and effective through the arduous FDA approval process. 

Surgical procedures are not regulated by the FDA.  Many other treatments and devices are regulated but often you will hear terms like “FDA cleared” or “FDA registered.”  This is not the same as FDA Approved.  Cleared or registered just means they went through an administrative process to explain that they are similar enough to an approved device that they are likely safe.  Their safety and efficacy have not actually been proven. 

7. Highly Effective

Numerous studies have found High-energy Shockwave Therapy’s efficacy rate to be between 85% to 94%.  Even studies using lower energy levels and different protocols regularly see efficacy rates around 75%.  The surgeries for the same injuries sometimes have an efficacy rate as high 75%….but also have significantly more complications.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to do a direct comparison between High-energy Shockwave Therapy and surgery.   Doctors cannot ethically do the sham surgeries necessary to complete double-blind randomized controlled trials for a surgical procedure to remove potential bias.  Results for surgery are more experience based while results for High-energy Shockwave Therapy are evidence based. 

8. No Opioids

There is no need for prescription pain medication after your High-energy Shockwave Therapy treatment.  Most patients receive significant pain relief right after their treatment that continues to get better as the injury heals. 

The opioids prescribed after surgery have numerous side effects, including possible addiction.  You may have to deal with drowsiness, nausea, constipation, and sleep issues on top of the physical recovery; further disrupting your family and work activities. 

High-energy Shockwave Therapy is the treatment you have been searching for

As you can see, the benefits of Shockwave Therapy make it a far better treatment option to surgery and other treatments.  You no longer have to face the risks of surgery and temporarily rearrange your life just to be pain free and functional.  OrthoWave® and OsteoWave® Focused High-energy Shockwave Therapy treatments are the proven, safe, and effective non-invasive treatments that will quickly and conveniently get you back to doing the things you love…without the pain.  


Sarah Houghton, CNA

 Sarah Houghton is a licensed CNA and a Medical Operations Officer in the United States Army Reserves.  She earned her BS in Biomedical Science from Tarleton State University and has won numerous awards for her work.  Sarah is an avid powerlifter and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge to help others be healthy and fit. 

Sarah Houghton

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