The Sound Alternative to Surgery

The Sound Alternative to Surgery

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End the Pain and Increase Function

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About Sonex Orthopedics

What we do is simple, we improve people’s quality of life through natural healing stimulated by High-Energy and Low-Energy Shockwave Therapy (HeSWT & LeSWT). 

We are the first providers that specializes in Shockwave Therapy and the only providers to treat every injury with only FDA approved devices.

With insurers restricting treatment choices and the rate of surgery increasing, Sonex developed the OrthoWave® and OsteoWave® treatments; the proven and effective, non-invasive alternatives to surgery for numerous injuries.

With over 20 years of Shockwave Therapy experience, Sonex can restore your functionality and get you back to doing the things you love.  Our treatments are available exclusively at Vessel Longevity in Austin, TX.

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Travel to Austin

Many patients travel to Austin for treatment.  While there are no restrictions on travel after your treatment, we recommend spending the night in Austin if you are traveling by air.  We are located in Cedar Park, Texas, approximately 35 minutes from Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS).  The Arboretum area of Austin is just minutes away with numerous hotel, restaurant, and entertainment options or you can venture into Austin for some great barbeque and live music.  Please contact us if you need assistance making your travel arrangements.  

Our Team

Dr. Emeka Ofobike, Medical Director

Dr. Emeka Ofobike is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a fellow of the AAOS. He spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy as an orthopedic surgeon and has a broad range of experience ranging from sports medicine to total joint replacements.

His clinical focus has always promoted health and wellness by enhancing his patient’s ability to remain physically active. Dr. Emeka has helped countless patients avoid surgery with Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy.

Dr. Emeka received his MD from the Case Western Reserve University and completed his residency at the UT Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Emeka spends his free time hiking, working out, reading, and spending time with his family.

Ryan Sieg

Dr. Ryan Sieg, Medical Advisor

Dr. Ryan Sieg is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, osteoarthritis, and combat trauma, having served in the middle east. Dr. Sieg is a strong proponent that surgery should be the last resort but that patients often lack any other option.

When he first learned about Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy and its safety and efficacy for treating numerous injuries, he immediately recognized the benefits to patients and has been hooked ever since.

Dr. Sieg has his BS in Biochemistry/Biophysics and MS in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oregon and his MD from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.

In his free time, Dr. Sieg enjoys power lifting, playing the guitar, off-roading in his jeep, and traveling.

Dr. John Furia, Medical Advisor

Dr. John Furia is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and one of the foremost experts globally in the field of Shockwave Therapy. Dr. Furia stumbled upon Shockwave Therapy years ago while it was still in its infancy in Germany.

He quickly became an early adopter of the treatment in the United States and a recognized expert. Dr. Furia has authored numerous published studies on Shockwave Therapy and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

He earned his BS with Honors in Neural Science from Brown University and his MD from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Furia enjoys running, cycling, traveling, and wine collecting in his free time.

Roger Davis, APRN, CRNA

Roger Davis is an Advance Practice Registered Nurse, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with over 25 years of medical experience in various specialties and locations ranging from Iraq to the OR.

Roger first learned about Shockwave Therapy while working with military doctors using it to treat Soldiers with severe Plantar Fasciitis. As a former athlete, he was amazed at the effectiveness and short recovery time; and has since become an expert on all indications that can be treated with Shockwave Therapy.

Roger earned his BSN from San Jose State and his MS from Georgetown University. He enjoys working out, spending time with his wife and five children, and spoiling his granddaughter.

Sarah Houghton

Sarah Houghton, CNA

Sarah Houghton is a Certified Nurses Aid with experience ranging from primary care to most hospital departments, as well as hospital administration as an officer in the Army Reserves.

Sarah has seen firsthand the risks and recovery associated with surgery and first discovered Shockwave Therapy while researching non-invasive treatments.

She earned a BS in Biomedical Science from Tarleton State University. Sarah enjoys Olympic weightlifting, backpacking, and is a drilling reservist with the Army Reserves.

Sean Vieira, President

Sean was first introduced to Focused High-energy Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (He-SWT) as a patient. After being a collegiate gymnast and over 20 years of military service; Sean developed severe patellar tendinopathy and was in constant pain.

It worked so well that he decided to partner with the foremost HeSWT experts in the US and Europe to give everyone the opportunity to experience this amazing treatment. Sean spearheaded the development of numerous treatment protocols and is considered one of the foremost experts on Shockwave Therapy.

Sean earned his BS in Computer Science from the United States Naval Academy and his MBA with Honors from Thunderbird. He enjoys working out and occasionally beating his kids at Xbox; and currently serves in the Texas Army National Guard.

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